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The first consignment from Foxhill to the esteemed Saucy Sale at Worcester on Saturday 2nd October sees eight of our best breeding lines offered for sale in the ewe lamb section. The individual stoods are below, but if you’d like to see a video of the girls strutting their stuff, head over to our Facebook page for a look. On line bidding is available on the day and we are more than happy to bring any of them home for quarantine for export buyers.

Lot 76 – Foxhill Wonder Woman

We kick off with lot 76 Foxhill Wonder Woman 21XWY00622, a daughter of the noted Rockvilla Ferrari. She is an ET sister to our show ewe lamb from this year who has been retained.

Lot 77 – Foxhill Whitney

Lot 77, Foxhill Whitney, a daughter of Thackwood U Corker is a natural twin to the 17,000gns Foxhill Walkabout who sold to Logie Durno at this year’s Premier Sale at Worcester.

Lot 78 – Foxhill Wild Rose

A second Rockvilla Ferrari daughter comes forward in the form of lot 78, Foxhill Wild Rose. Her dam, 16XWY00481, is a flock favourite and consistently breeds well.

Lot 79 – Foxhill Wagamama

The dam of Foxhill Wagamama, lot 79, is a typical Logie Durno Olympian daughter, full of flesh with a good skin. Wagamama is also by Thackwood U Corker who was purchased for 4600gns at last year’s Premier Sale.

Lot 80 – Foxhill Wish List

Lot 80, Foxhill Wish List, is another strong daughter of Logie Durno Olympian, displaying that growth and top we know and love in his progeny. Her dam 19XWY00554 has bred exceptionally well for us.

Lot 81 – Foxhill White Diamond

Another daughter of Thackwood U Corker comes forward for sale, lot 81 Foxhill White Diamond, whose dam 17XWY00488 also produced a tup lamb selling for 3100gns at this year’s Premier Sale.

Lot 82 – Foxhill Walk of Shame

We offer a third Rockvilla Ferrari daughter in lot 82, in the form of Foxhill Walk of Shame. Her ET sister sold for 3100gns at this year’s Premier Sale and her dam 17XWY00488 always throws consistently well fleshed, balanced lambs.

Lot 83 – Foxhill Watermelon Sugar

Wrapping up proceedings for us is lot 83, Foxhill Watermelon Sugar, a daughter of Logie Durno Olympian. She shares her dam 14XWY00375, with the 16,000gns Foxhill Va Va Voom who sold at the 2020 Premier Sale. Va Va Room stood as half of the Interbreed Pair at the Royal Highland Showcase.

We welcome enquiries in the run up to the sale and look forward to seeing you at the weekend at Worcester.

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